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The Shed Health Test™
The Roadworthy for Sheds

Structural Integrity is Simple

Steel Should Flex Not Bend

Does Your Quote Pass the Test?

The Golden Rules for Buying a Shed
Buying a new shed is an important and expensive decision. These 4 simple tips will help you make the right one.
1. Always get 3 or more quotes.
Don't be pressured. Take your time and use The Shed Health Test to review and understand each of your quotes.
2. Always Test Top Hat Spans.
The Shed Health Test will show you whether the top hat is suitable for the span. You can also use the standaloneTop Hat Span Test
3. Rank each quote by its score.
The Shed Health Test will give each quote a rating out of 5.
4. Always check the documentation.
Compare product quality using example installation manuals. Product quality is obvious in the documentation, even to the untrained eye.
Know what you're buying before you part with your money.